All financial advisors are not the same, and it is essential that you connect with someone with whom you feel comfortable and who respects your financial goals.

I work in a collaborative relationship with a limited number of clients.

Many of my clients are successful entrepreneurs or professionals who want to maximize the value of their business and develop a smooth exit strategy.

Here’s what you can expect when you are part of my small circle of clients:

• My full attention to you and your assets. I’m a good listener and use the information you provide to help develop a workable plan for you.

• My first priority is to see that you have enough reserves to help secure a comfortable retirement.

• A financial-planning process that helps you prioritize and decide how best to use your money as a tool for achieving your financial goals. I will help you identify each issue and walk you through the decision making process.

• A transparent, collaborative relationship that empowers and informs you so you can be comfortable with the actions that are taken with your assets.

Call or email be to set up a free, no-obligation session to discuss how we can best work together so you can feel secure about your financial decisions.
In Santa Fe: 505-986-0125 x 106